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Nikki & Dave
Nikki & Dave

Nicole was born and raised in Marcellus, NY. She and her husband David Adams are the proud parents of 4-year-old Amelia and 1-year-old Piper. Nicole, 26, graduated from Marcellus High School in 2000.

In the fourth month of her second pregnancy, on Mothers’ Day weekend 2007, Nicole learned that she had a brain tumor near the base of her brain. Doctors at University Hospital recommended that she have the tumor removed, but Nicole decided to postpone surgery as it put her unborn child in certain peril. The family agreed. Several weeks later, doctors discovered that the tumor had doubled in size. It was clear -- immediate surgery was the only hope of survival for both mother and child.

After surgery on June 29, 2007, Nicole fell into a coma for three months while the baby thrived inside her mother. On September 2, 2007, baby Piper was born by Cesarean section without her mother even knowing. Soon after, Nicole started to show signs of improvement. She began moving her fingers, toes and head and, while she couldn’t speak, she began communicating through head movements. With Nicole’s condition improving, doctors transferred her to Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital in Schenectady, New York.

Nicole spent a little more than a year there, gaining better control of her body through daily therapies.

It was been almost two years, and Nicole is finally home in Marcellus with her parents, Marty and Carol Piper. Nicole is making small improvements every day. Nurses and family must supervise her 24 hours a day. Her husband and family work with Nicole each day to continue her recovery. Therapists visit her regularly to help her develop more strength and control of her body and voice.

Her two daughters visit frequently, and they know their mom is a hero. Even though Nicole cannot talk, Amelia and Piper know how much their mother loves them. Nicole is still confined to her wheelchair, and she can only communicate through the use of a letter board she uses to spell out her thoughts.

Nicole said, “I would do it all over again, knowing it would save Piper’s life.” She is truly a fighter and a loving mother.

My goal now is to get her story nationwide and to find the talent to get her out of  that chair!
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